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My Novels 

I am an author...

I have written two novels and published two other books independently. It's a tough game to play, and you probably won't make the bestseller list if you go the independent route, but it's one hell of a ride if you do. 

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Whither We Tend Novel

Whither We Tend 

Simon Gates is a mild-mannered insurance agent from Stratford, Connecticut. Major Gus Spiros is a war-weary ex-contractor for the US Government. The two men meet by accident and start a series of events that will lead them both toward a war that will attempt to reclaim America. 

Just as Lincoln asked of the people in his House divided speech, Whither We Tend asks the question whether we are heading towards a war that will tear us apart or a war that will unite us as a stronger and better nation. The answer is entirely up to us. 

#historicalfiction #thatsailingguy #warforamerica

The Sailboat 

Phillip Winters is a computer guy with a dream to set sail. His lawyer wife Lucy only half shares his vision, but begrudgingly follows Phillip to their first sailing class in the sailing capital of America, Annapolis, MD. She excels, while he falls behind.

Setting out to find the perfect boat, whether his wife approves or not, Phillip finds a storm-ravaged boat and gets in over his head, much to his wife's disapproval. They move to Beaufort, NC and fix up the derelict vessel without having the first clue of how to fix a boat or even how to sail for that matter.

The Sailboat is a cautionary tale about boat ownership and relationships, and demonstrates to those who are dreaming of ditching their COVID cocoon by heading out on the high seas that the live-aboard life is rarely smooth sailing.

Lonely Boat
The Sailboat 
Welcome to Our Beachside Home
Welcome to Our Beachside Home

Welcome to Our Beachside Home

This visitor's guest book features the artwork of Richard German and is the ideal way for your guests to leave you feedback, share their memories & experiences and leave great recommendations & ideas for future guests. This guest book is perfect for vacation homes, beach houses, cabins on the lake, Airbnb & bed & breakfasts. If you have a vacation rental space, this book will be a beautiful addition to the experience of your current and future visitors.

This special book is illustrated with works by world renowned watercolorist George Richard German, and we hope might inspire a collection of experiences from all your guests that will become a memorable keepsake of all the wonderful individuals and family's that have chosen your rental space to spend their precious time. Thank you for your interest in this guest book, and wishing you many wonderful memories!

The Great Loop Docuseries

A collection of essays written about the idea for creating a documentary about The Great Loop

The Great Loop Series
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