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that sailing guy on boat

It all started with a Sunk Boat... 

It's Coming.
An 8-episode docuseries about 5 teams of sailors who sail a 6000-mile loop of the Eastern US and Canada

The Great Loop Docuseries

When Kenneth Ransom came up with the idea to sail one continuous loop of the Eastern Seaboard in 1897, he could not imagine the history that brought him to that point in his life, nor the history he would set in motion for generations to come.

It is with this eye to history and this enthusiasm for the holy grail of voyages, that we aim to create a docu-series where we select five teams of sailors to learn to sail, obtain a vessel and then set out to have their own adventures, sailing around The Great Loop. We will film every aspect of this voyage and share their adventures with an audience of viewers who no doubt share in the ambitions of Ransom himself, to complete a Great Loop of the Eastern Seaboard.


This project will require new techniques in storytelling and videography and will use the latest advancements in wireless and web-based programming to share the adventures of the five teams as they make their way around the Loop. Each team will garner support for their vessel by creating a team of followers on social media who will support them through various patronage platforms and in-kind donations delivered by the online marketplace.


This voyage will not just be challenging from a technical perspective but also from a human and spiritual perspective. When Ransom and his crew made the voyage, they suffered freezing temperatures, starvation, and deadly situations regularly. Our teams of voyagers will be made as safe as possible, but the fact that these people will live aboard a sailboat for one year will present a set of inherent challenges and risks.

They will be forced to endure long tiresome hours at the helm of a sailboat in some very challenging waters. They will give up many of the creature comforts afforded to land-based dwellers. Services like electricity on demand, limitless clean water, and climate control are some of the few things these sailors will be forced to live without that will be certain to cause some hardship for these sailors.


As this project will require a massive collaborative effort of sailors, web gurus, and creative talent, we ask that anyone wishing to join in on this project send us a video resume explaining their interest in this project and how they might wish to assist. Questions about the planning, production, or rules of this project may be sent to

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