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Fill or Drain the Lake?

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The Reckoning of Glen Canyon

As water levels drop on Lake Powell, from both climate change and man, nature is reclaiming the drying lake bed. The future for the American Southwest will change with the disappearance of this spectacular desert resource whether we like it or not.

The question is not if it will happen by when and we now wonder what will that change look like for the man-made reservoir turned flat water paradise? What will it look like for the families who consider this lake part of their heritage? What of the natural resources that call this place home?

Are the wilding advocates correct that a return to nature for Glen Canyon is the plan of Mother Nature? Or are the lake advocates right that climate change is just a rite of passage and that we should continue to fight mother Nature in her efforts to undo this historically questionable decision to fill Glen Canyon?

I aim to make a documentary that asks these questions and examines their answers from the water's edge of the retreating waters of Glen Canyon. It will be a journalistic, balanced look at the issues facing Glen Canyon and Lake Powell with an eye to its historical controversy, it's current political strife, and its fate as a resource for agriculture, urban thirst, and water-based recreation

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