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"Beyond The Sea"

Klamath Falls, OR-- In a surprise that is nothing short of Charlie Brown finally connecting with the football, Christopher German is now the news director at KAGO News in Klamath Falls. German walked away from journalism in 2000 to become a professional sailor and some 23 years later, he has returned to the craft in a stunning come from behind victory over ADHD.

In late 2018, he obtained a diagnosis after rumors began swirling that despite a genius IQ, the man suffered from a long overdue diagnosis. It was initially suspected that he was in fact on the autism spectrum, but doctors soon determined that he was in fact severely hindered by a deficit of attention with dramatic executive functioning features, many of which caused others to term him, an "Asshole".

"Most of my adult life I followed in the footsteps of my father who many called a total asshole" said German in an interview, "Thankfully I only have 50 percent of his DNA, so it is my hope that despite the presence of the asshole gene, I can woo back many of those I have offended over the years."

With a credit score in the low 500s and a resume that looks like a Wikipedia page dedicated to name tags and screen printed uniform shirts, German struggled to use the $200,000 education he received as a younger man. Since the loss of his non-profit in Connecticut, German struggled to find employment at any reputable agency.

Bouncing between business ownership, temp jobs, restaurant work and home improvement jobs in the winter to seasonal sailing and captain jobs in the summer, German was perpetually a day late and dollar short at life. In 2013, he began applying for writing and video jobs within his educational field, but it was not until 2023 did he receive a job that allowed him to not only collect a year round paycheck, but also allow him a lifestyle where he could plan to spend time with his family on the weekends instead of waiting tables or doing boat tours on Saturdays.

Now with a bottle of Atomoxetine in hand, and an almost encyclopedic knowledge of social media management, writing and videography, German is now setting out to grow the news coverage of Klamath Falls and add his chapter to the rich history that is the KAGO Newsroom. KAGO first broadcast in 1923 on 1220 kHz as KFJI and moved to 1150 kHz in 1950 where it has remained since. German directs the news efforts of six Basin Mediactive stations in Klamath Falls, including KLAD at 92.5 FM, The Rock at 94.9 FM, 99.5 The Fox, and Big 98.5FM.

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