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Damn it, I'm not just a resume

Sometimes I think I am being punished for having ADHD. Today, for example, I got no less than 10 rejections from jobs I applied to. What's worse is, one of them solicited me to send them a resume, and they still turned me down.

Oh, sure I can get a job waiting tables or driving a boat, but I want a job that's not seasonal, or minimum wage. I want a real job with a desk and pens and swivel chair and a water cooler where I can talk to my co-workers.

The thing no one tells you about menial labor jobs is that they are incredibly lonely. At least for me they are. I don't make friends easily, and standing at the helm of a boat is long and lonely times indeed. My brain doesn't work well in busy places because I am ADHD and busy nights as a bar tender or high stress gigs at high volume restaurants are just not my thing.

Here's who I know I am:

I graduated in 1994 from high school, cum laude. Later that year, I began attending the United States Coast Guard Academy. I left the USCGA and went on to earn an undergrad in poli sci and journalism from UCONN and a master's in communication from Boston U. I also earned a 100 ton captain's license. Why is that all important, you ask? Because I did it all without being diagnosed with ADHD.

In 2018, I was diagnosed and have been in therapy since and on meds. I have a 182 IQ, and I am a writer and journalist and a talented storyteller. I have published two fiction novels and hosted a podcast for authors, and currently host and produce The Crypto Nightly News.

I have also worked as a news reporter for print news and commercial radio. Furthermore, I have edited and produced numerous video/ audio pieces. My resume isn't the best, and I am overcoming years of undiagnosed underperformance, but please before you pass me over, please consider everything above and ask yourself, shouldn't I at least talk to him?

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