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A writer who travels

So it occurred to me today. I am a writer who has traveled. And while I have tried to write for news, politics, crypto, finance and science, I really don’t know enough about any of that crap to get hired to write about it.

But what I do know is how to travel. A LOT.

I have tended a lighthouse in Maine, piloted a boat through the canyons of Lake Powell, woken beneath a snow capped Mountain in Colorado, walked a rain Forrest in Washington State and seen a whale breach across my bow in the straits of Alaska. I have also sipped a cold beer in the volcanic sands of Hawaii, navigated a white-knuckle voyage thought the graveyard of the Atlantic and smelled the hot cow fart laden air of Amarillo.

Whether for good or for bad, I have had some amazing adventures traveling the sand and surf of North America and why it has taken me so long to figure out that I needed to write about it, I will never know.

But this blog, my first of what I expect will be many more to come, will be the barbaric yelp of blogs for That Sailing Guy to enter into a world that I think not only will you enjoy reading about it, but also I will enjoy writing about it.

So I make this promise to you the reader. From now on, I will endeavor to write one blog a week about someplace I have visited, traveled to or otherwise occupied for enough time to write 500 words on the subject, and will post it each week going forward. I may even provide a little video support for the blog, but I will at least write about it in a somewhat consistent manner.

I'm not saying they’ll all be 500 words, and I am not saying I will always and forever post them here. It is my hope that some day soon somebody will think my body of knowledge and my method of delivery is worth a few bucks for the effort, but for now I will just start building up the arsenal of content in the hopes that someone will find it and offer me money to do it.

So I am going to take my own advice, do good, have fun and sail far, in an effort to finally become a paid writer.

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