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Quaking Aspen Springs

This is a video I shot on location at Quaking Aspen Springs in the Henry Mountains near Hanksville, Utah.

It is meant to show the untouched beauty of these remote mountains and the hidden gems that the Henry Mountains conceal. You don't need a 4-wheel drive to get here, but the road is rugged, so I would suggest at least a sturdy SUV. If you do visit, please leave this space the way you found it- pristine (except for a ton of cow shit).

I do realize that beef production is a major economic factor in the Southwest, but the cows are killing the landscape. What's more, there is a herd of buffalo indigenous to this area that resides in these mountains that is culled regularly to allow for free ranging cows. I love a good burger and steak as much as the next guy, but when you see the damage these animals do to public lands, it is a shame.

Videos like this I hope will show the beauty that these mountains possess and raise awareness for their conservation.


37.349N , 113.532W

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