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The Crypto Nightly News with Chris German

“A Crypto Podcast with a Sports Center Feel”

Welcome to The Crypto Nightly News with Chris German.

This new effort is to inform and educate an American audience about the dynamic world of Cryptocurrency, web3

Metaverse, and NFTs.

Americans as a whole are quite shy about the crypto market. As Bloomberg reported earlier this year, “More than one in 10 American adults have never heard of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin” according to a survey by the Harris Poll.

This means that a massive swath of Middle America, who tuned in to the Superbowl last winter, had no idea what they were watching when Crypto businesses spent an average of $2.2 Million per spot-on advertising.

Crypto has taken its place in the world financial picture but is talking to a financially illiterate client base in the American economy.

What is needed, is not more crypto speak and jargon-laden infomercials for 24-year-old crypto bros to reach this unmet American audience. Rather, what is needed is a trusted voice who may teach, inform and entertain this sector of the economy, so it might benefit from these new technologies. In short, America needs The Crypto Nightly News with Chris German.

In this weekly, and hopefully soon, daily newscast, we reach an American audience with a warm, friendly voice that comes from an experienced and trusted journalist adept at translating crypto speak into conversational American English.

German uses the energy of a sportscaster and the wisdom of a financial reporter to create weekly newscasts, complete with humor and analysis, that deliver the top headlines and informational news stories that Americans can consume and learn from. This is done with an eye to creating sophisticated financial consumers who have the confidence to dive into “this blood-sport” we call crypto.

We market this show across an entire array of social media with our partner podcasting firm and will reach thousands if not tens of thousands weekly in short order.

If you would like to join in with this effort as a guest or sponsor, please tune in to our podcast weekly on Mondays at 9 PM est. Or call 252-617-3792 to discuss how we can welcome you to this effort. Our email is

Thank you.

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